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Advisory on Accreditation of Civil Society Organizations (CSOs)

Advisory No. 15The Philippine Association of Agriculturists, Inc. (PAA, Inc.)10 October 2019
Advisory No. 14Center for Environmental Law and Policy Advocacy, Incorporated (CELPA)26 September 2019
Advisory No. 13Biotechnology Coalition of the Philippines, Inc.14 March 2019
Advisory No. 12Gardenia Kapit-Bisig Multi-Purpose and Transport Service24 January 2019
Advisory No. 11Foundation for Agriculture-Related Missions, Inc.04 January 2019
Advisory No. 10Rice Watch Action Network, Inc.25 October 2018
Advisory No. 9Society Towards Reinforcing Inherent Viability for Enrichment25 October 2018
Advisory No. 8UPLB Foundation, Inc.02 October 2018
Advisory No. 7Philippine Agriculture and Resources Research and Foundation, Inc.02 October 2018
Advisory No. 6Federation of Free Farmers Cooperatives04 September 2018
Advisory No. 5Philippine Maize Federation, Inc.14 June 2018
Advisory No. 4Tambuyog Development Center, Inc.10 May 2018
Advisory No. 3UMIC International, Inc.13 March 2018
Advisory No. 2Organization for Partnerships, Teamwork & Initiatives on Opportunities for Stewards, Inc.08 January 2018
Advisory No. 1Nueva Segovia Consortium of Cooperatives28 November 2017