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Administrative Orders

AO No. 10Approval of Babolna-Terta KFT in Hungary to Export Day-Old Chicks and Hatching Eggs to the Philippines15 November 2019
AO No. 12Guidelines on Setting the Approved Budget for the Contract (ABC) for Lease of Venue Pursuant to the Austerity Measures and the IRR of RA 918420 September 2019
AO No. 10Guidelines in the Movement of Live Animals from Swine Farms within the 1km Zone of African Swine Fever (ASF) amending 1-7-10 Protocol in Infected Areas25 September 2019
AO No. 09Guidelines for the Accreditation of Farmers Cooperative and Associations (FCAs) as Beneficiaries of Rice Competitiveness Enhancement Fund (RCEF) or Rice Fund18 September 2019
AO No. 08Revised Guidelines on the Local Movement of Swine, Pork, Pork Products, and Pork By-Products Outside Disease Outbreak Areas09 September 2019
AO No. 07Veterinary Quarantine Movement Protocol during Animal Disease Outbreaks / Emergencies09 September 2019
AO No. 06Guidelines in Securing the Certificate of Farm Disease Free Status in Disease Outbreak Areas09 September 2019
AO No. 04Reiteration of Food Safety Measures and Veterinary Quarantine Procedures20 August 2019
AO No. 03Establishment and Institutionalization of Drug-Free Workplace Policy in the Department of Agriculture29 July 2019
AO No. 02Guidelines on Local and Foreign Travels of the Officials and Employees of the Department of Agriculture Pursuant to Executive Order No. 77 s. 201927 May 2019
AO No. 01Harmonization and Strengthening the Training and Development Activities on Agri-Fisheries Mechanization21 February 2019
AO No. 13Revised Guidelines on the Selection, Hiring, and Adoption of Compensation System for Contract of Service Personnel for January 201905 December 2018
AO No. 12Revised Guidelines on the Selection, Hiring, and Adoption of Compensation System for Contract of Service Personnel17 October 2018
AO No. 08Guidelines on the Selection, Hiring, and Adoption of Compensation System for Contracts of Service Personnel24 August 2018
AO No. 09Implementation of a Comprehensive Agro-Forestry Program to Primarily and Initially include the Tree Farming Program as an Agricultural Activity18 July 2018
AO No. 05General Guidelines and Procedures for the Operation of the Regional Research and Development, Extension Network (RRDEN) for Agriculture and Fisheries13 June 2018
AO No. 03Revised Implementing Guidelines of the Program for Unified Lendig in Agriculture (PUNLA), amending Section 3 and Section 8 of the Unnumbered Administrative Order dated May 8, 201719 March 2018
AO No. 02Amending Part 4 of Administrative Order No. 12, s. 201706 March 2018
AO No. 01Implementing Rules and Regulations on the Accreditation of Private Extension Service Providers for Provision of Extension Services02 February 2018
AO No. 07Suspension of Accreditation as Garlic Importers25 August 2017
AO No. 10Manual of Procedures of the Sanitary and Phytosanitary Measures Focal Group24 August 2017
AO No. 08Guidelines for the Accreditation of Civil Society Organizations (CSOs) to be Engaged by DA as Partner in the Implementation of Agri-Fishery Projects31 July 2017
AO No. 04Amendment to the Guidelines on the Selection / Hiring / Compensation and related Concerns for Personnel Hired under Contract of Service11 June 2017
AO No. 03Guidelines on the Selection / Hiring / Compensation and Related Concerns for Personnel Hired under Contracts of Service20 February 2017
AO No. 01Guidelines on the Issuance of Certification for Land Use Reclassification08 February 2017
AO No. 13Amendment to the Guidelines of the Master in Public Management - Major in Rural Development (MPM-RD) Scholarship Program11 October 2016
AO No. 12Implementation of the Values Restoration Program (VRP) and Appointment of Values Restoration Officers (VROs)26 September 2016
AO No. 10Effective and Efficient Delivery of Specific Programs of the Department of Agriculture in Southwestern Mindanao21 September 2016
AO No. 07Amendments to Department of Agriculture (DA) Administrative Order (AO) No. 07, Series of 2015, otherwise known as "Rules and Regulations Implementing Republic Act (RA) No. 7581 in Relation to Agricultural Commodities"02 June 2016
AO No. 09Implementing Rules and Regulations on Accreditation of Private Organic Agriculture Extension Service Providers (OA ESPS)18 May 2016
AO No. 02Implementing Policies, Guidelines and Procedures for the Establishment and Operations of the Agricultural and Fisheries Mechanization Research, Development and Extension Network (AFMECHRDEN)07 March 2016
AO No. 06Declaring the Municipality of Enrile, Province of Cagayan as the "Peanut Capital of the Philippines"01 March 2016