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Registration of Employees

Author: DA-Admin | 18 March 2020

To all DA Personnel:

In the exigency of the service and pursuant to Administrative Order No. 09, series of 2020 re: COVID-19 Guidelines on Service Continuity and Precautionary Measures in the Workplace, the Department of Agriculture – Service Continuity and Planning Management Team (DA-SCPMT) is advising all DA Employees (Plantilla and Contract of Service) to register and provide the basic details.

To register, type REG Last Name Given Name Position (ex.: REG Cornelio Miriam Director), and send to 09511443233.

The body temperature should also be texted daily upon reporting in the office for the skeletal force and upon starting their work in their respective homes (ex: BT 36).

For compliance.

Undersecretary for Administration and Finance and Chair, DA-Service Continuity and Planning Management Team (DA-SCPMT)

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