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Urban Agriculture HydroHub Learning Center

Author: DA-Admin | 21 May 2021

The Department of Agriculture (DA) through the Office for Strategic Communications (OSEC StratComm) in partnership with the Philippine Association of Agriculturists, Inc. (PAA Inc.), a duly accredited Civil Society Organization (CSO) by the DA, will be implementing a project entitled “Urban Agriculture HydroHub Learning Center”. The project, which is also in collaboration with the DA-Agricultural Training Institute, intends to uplift the future of urban farming.

The main objectives of the project are aligned with the DA’s vision to promote urban agriculture, to improve local food security as well as educating the public on urban agriculture technologies and practices.

The HyrdoHub facility will be located in Pop-Up Katipunan and UP Diliman, which will be open to the public with special attention to practitioners, farmers, researchers, program implementers, and students. The said facility will have a demonstration kitchen that will help facilitate learning activities such as training programs, tours, walks, workshops, and other forms to showcase urban farm operations to the public.

The project will contribute in attaining food security. High value crops will be available in urban areas. It will also be a tool in raising the awareness of the public through different learning materials, media engagements, trainings, and other activities. It can also be a potential proof that urban farming can be a source of income and a viable business.

The OSEC StratComm will be providing assistance to ensure a side and effective reach for targeted learning through all the avenues available such as radio, TV, and all web-based platforms. ATI will also provide aide for the proponent in the form of trainings, seminars, and potential internship opportunities.

To know more about the CSO Accreditation of PAA, Inc., you may click hereYou may also check out their website at

(Photos courtesy of UP SPICE Program)


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