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Award of Contract for Food and Accommodation for the Halal Budget and Planning Workshop for FY 2021 on September 23-27, 2019 at Nueva Ecija, Region III

Author: DA-BAC | 15 November 2019

Notice of Award to PHILIPPINE CARABAO CENTER (PCC) for Negotiated Procurement (Agency to Agency) between Department of Agriculture (DA) and PCC for the LEASE OF VENUE WITH FOOD AND ACCOMMODATION FOR THE HALAL BUDGET AND PLANNING WORKSHOP FOR FY 2021 ON SEPTEMBER 23-27, 2019 AT NUEVA ECIJA, REGION III under PRAS No. 19-1692- Undersecretary for Special Concerns in the total amount of PESOS: Five Hundred Nineteen Thousand One Hundred Eighty-Five (Php 519,185.oo)

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