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Award of Contract for the Lease of Venue including Meals and Accommodation for the Conduct of SAAD Program Teamwork and Values Formation Workshop (Cluster I and II) Visayas Group on October 14-17, 2019 and November 11-14, 2019 in Region VIII

Author: DA-BAC | 28 October 2019

Notice of Award to VISAYAS STATE UNIVERSITY for Negotiated Procurement (Agency to Agency) between Department of Agriculture (DA) and VSU for the LEASE OF VENUE INCLUDING MEALS AND ACCOMMODATION FOR THE CONDUCT OF SAAD PROGRAM TEAMWORK AND VALUES FORMATION WORKSHOP (CLUSTER I AND II) VISAYAS GROUP ON OCTOBER 14-17, 2019 AND NOVEMBER 11-14, 2019 IN REGION VIII under PR No. 19-224-SAAD in the total amount of PESOS: Five Hundred Eighty Two Thousand Three Hundred (Php 582,300.oo)

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