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Award of Contract for the Lease of Venue with Meals and Accommodation for the Conduct Knowledge Management Component Working Group (KM CWG) FY 2019 Year-End Assessment, FY 2021 Operational Planning Workshop, and Monitoring and Evaluation (M&E) of Javier, Leyte Local Convergence Agro-Enterprise Cluster (LCAEC), November 5-8, 2019

Author: DA-BAC | 21 November 2019

This serves as notice to the public that the requirement: LEASE OF VENUE WITH MEALS AND ACCOMMODATION FOR THE CONDUCT KNOWLEDGE MANAGEMENT COMPONENT WORKING GROUP (KM CWG) FY 2019 YEAR-END ASSESSMENT, FY 2021 OPERATIONAL PLANNING WORKSHOP, AND MONITORING AND EVALUATION (M&E) OF JAVIER, LEYTE LOCAL CONVERGENCE AGRO-ENTERPRISE CLUSTER (LCAEC), NOVEMBER 5-8, 2019 under PR. No. 19-065-NCI  is awarded to GAB WATER PARK RESORT as Lowest Calculated and Responsive Quotation with the total bid amounting to One Hundred Eighty Five Thousand Four Hundred Pesos (PhP185,400.00)

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