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Notice of Award for PR No. 188 30-Minute (Teleradyo) (Live Stream and Broadcast over a Government Television Network and Radio Station with Simulcast Broadcast via Provincial Relay Stations) every Tuesday and Thursday, 5:30 AM-6:00 AM (AFID) (Agency to Agency)

Author: DA-BAC | 30 October 2017

Notice of Award to PEOPLE’S TELEVISION NETWORK, INC.  for the 30 minute (TELERADYO) (live stream and broadcast over a government television network and radio station with simulcast broadcast via provincial relay stations) every Tuesday and Thursday, 5:30 Am – 6:00 AM under PR No. 188 in the total amount of Four Million Three Hundred Ninety Thousand and Two Pesos (PhP4,390,002.00) only.

Memorandum of Agreement

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