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Notice of Award for PRAS No. 17-1635-P2 for the RIOs PIOs, Library Staff and AFID Staff to Attend the 3rd Quarterly Consultative Meeting cum Workshop in Region IV-A on September 20-23, 2017 (AFID)

Author: DA-BAC | 16 November 2017

Notice of Award to TAGAYTAY INTERNATIONAL CONVENTION CENTER (CITY OF TAGAYTAY, CAVITE)  for the RIO’s PIO’s, library staff and AFID staff to attend the 3rd quarterly consultative meeting cum workshop in Region IV-A on September 20-23, 2017 under PRAS No. 17-1635-P2 in the total amount of Five Hundred Thirty Two Thousand Eight Hundred Pesos (Php532,800.00) only.

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