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COVID-19 Food Resiliency Task Force Directory

Operations Center0949-752-3638Lorna Calda
0943-297-8560Perla Gines
0905-306-0973Jemflor Santiago
0947-739-3698Arron Herbon
0961-696-5098Rommel Espinosa
Food LanePermits(02) 8920-4072
Checkpoints0956-249-1126Edmar Fajutagana
Food Transport and Distrbution0998-312-7586
0942-570-8310Cristine Baldelomar
0950-418-4488Romar Pedrigal
0942-525-4018Jay Levera
0949-630-0182Paul Daniel Lacea
0920-826-1787Reinah Crosette Dumaguing
National Food Authority (NFA)Rice Supply0926-701-2536NFA
0917-313-1355Lemuel Pagayunan
0939-901-8651Atty. Judy Carol Dansal
0917-587-5806Atty. Judy Carol Dansal
Bureau of Animal Industry (BAI)Livestock and Poultry Concerns0917-479-4649Toni Rose Barroga
- QuarantineImelda Pillas
- Livestock Shippers
- Bird Flu (Avian Influenza)0930-184-3105Dr. Arlene Vytiaco
- African Swine Fever (ASF)0995-132-9339
- Animal Feeds and Drugs0927-239-5408Jet
- BAI Laboratory0919-800-4433Dr. Rosemarie Antegro
Bureau of Fisheries and Aquatic Resources (BFAR)Fish Concerns0927-791-2045Nestor Domenden, Assistant Director for Operations
0917-633-3498Dr. Nilo Katada
0917-891-4233Nazzer Briguerra
Central Office0945-756-9259FRPG
Cordillera Administrative Region (CAR)0948-479-7433Dennis de Vera
Region 10915-298-0626 / 0912-648-2468Mea Baldonado
Region 20977-393-5302Emma Ballad
Region 30917-596-7312Stephen Arlo Lapid
Region 4A (CALABARZON)0917-504-1659Esme Mendoza
Region 4B (MIMAROPA)0977-886-0156Manny Asis
Region 50908-319-9700Sara Balares
0919-497-0286 / 0915-931-6884Nonie Enolva
Region 60999-586-9585 / 0946-231-5089Carlito Delfin
Region 70918-933-8424Randolph Corrales
0932-423-0135Loida Evaristo
Region 80928-521-5363Marie Daryl Bano
Region 90935-187-5915Abduhadi Pedro, Jr.
Region 100905-902-6214Jennifer Marie Rivero
Region 110951-816-4323Sharon Baidiango
0906-517-8768Antolin Bongcawel
Region 120927-614-5692Eugene Casas
0909-293-8744Aga Khan Salong
Region 130917-155-0355Hanawi Alauya
National Meat Inspection Service (NMIS)Meat Concerns
- National Capital Region (NCR)0998-968-9820Dr. Diosafina Rico
- Region III0998-968-9811Dr. Orlando Ongsotto
- Region IV-A (CALABRZON)0998-968-9819Dr. Fernando Lontoc
Consumer Welfare0999-889-3422Dr. Edna Gray
PRICEPrice Monitoring, Enforcement and Stabilization0921-388-7605Assistant Secretary Lerey A. Panes
0968-851-0262Sarah Cayona
Philippine Fisheries Development Authority (PFDA)Fish Port Concerns0968-853-0927Luz Ortiz
0918-335-7836Pinky Aguila
Bureau of Plant Industry (BPI)Imports0917-790-7446Henrick Exconde
Plant Quarantine0917-801-7752Joan Tolentino
Food Safety0917-129-8577Esperanza Uy
Philippine Coconut Authority (PCA)Cooking Oil and other concerns on Coconut091-813-8652Roel Rosales
Sugar Regulatory Administration (SRA)Sugar Concerns0998-846-2028Daisy N. Fabia
Special Projects Coordination and Management Assistance Division (SPCMAD)0921-750-8791Angelina Martir
0942-022-8748Arlene Gonzales
0933-860-4456Batsheba Aparilla
0927-567-0853Mark Lester Red
0917-813-9303Chelsie Pascual-Red
0995-252-1608Aleli Royo
DA-Cordillera Administrative Region (DA-RFO CAR)Regional Technical Director for Operations0918-934-3148Regional Technical Director Danilo Daguio
Agribusiness and Marketing Assistance Division (AMAD)0917-861-7197Jerry Damoyan, AMAD Chief
Field Operations Division (FOD)0999-994-5354Virginia A. Tapat
Rice Program0906-121-1508Marlyn Tejero
Corn Program0928-787-6124Gerry Banawa
High Value Crops0999-888-2865Joan Bacbac
Disaster Risk Reduction and Management (DRRM)0995-165-1550Lito Mocati
Livestock Program0916-337-0463Leisley Deligen
DA-Regional Field Office I (DA-RFO I)0917-895-1400Helen Castaneda, AMAD Chief
0917-774-2987Dr. Annie Bares, Operations Division Chief
DA-Regional Field Office II (DA-RFO II)Operations0917-565-8580Engr. Gene Oli
Agribusiness and Marketing Assistance Division (AMAD)0917-568-0659Saih Pacarangan
Office of the Regional Executive Director0905-320-5552V. Soriano
Bureau of Animal Industry (BAI)0917-668-1262Dr. Z. Olivas
National Meat Inspection Service (NMIS)0917-838-1963Dr. R. Duque
Bureau of Plant Industry (BPI)0917-578-5278E. Yabis
National Food Authority (NFA)0905-331-1490E. Ravilas
DA-Regional Field Office III (DA-RFO III)(045) 963-5751Fernando Lorenzo
(045) 961-2631Menchie Nogoy
(045) 961-1560
(045) 961-7699
DA-Regional Field Office IV-A (CALABARZON)0919-849-8163Editha Salvosa
0927-139-1810Justine Vivas
DA-Regional Field Office IV-B (MIMAROPA)0920-202-0101Dr. Celso Olido
DA-Regional Field Office V (DA-RFO V)Agribusiness and Marketing Assistance Division (AMAD)0933-810-6506AMAD RFO 5
DA-Regional Field Office VI (DA-RFO VI)0918-415-1297Ma. Teresa T. Solis
0920-816-3553OIC-Regional Technical Director Rene B. Famoso
DA-Regional Field Office VII (DA-RFO VII)Agribusiness and Marketing Assistance Division (AMAD)(032) 268-2313AMAD RFO 7
Food Lane0977-207-7206Dr. Ann Barimbao
0945-234-0358Jonezz Omboy
Food Supply0994-470-5787 / 0956-902-2494Dave Amrinto
Price Movement0943-423-8709John Rick Delgado
DA-Regional Field Office VIII (DA-RFO VIII)Field Operations Division (FOD)(053) 321-3047 / (053) 832-0813Andrew Rodolfo T. Orais
Agribusiness and Marketing Assistance Division (AMAD)(053) 321-7669Evelyn M. Mionda
Rice Program0917-833-5657Ma. Remedios M. Ambida
High Value Crops0915-296-7173Romeo G. Delmo
Livestock Program0945-599-7112Renato P. Distrajo
Corn Program0908-640-2094Juanito M. Baring
Organic Agriculture Program0908-256-4189Marilyn T. Ritaga
DA-Regional Field Office IX (DA-RFO IX)Operations Center0997-244-4987
DA-Regional Field Office X (DA-RFO X)Field Operations Division (FOD)0917-411-0143
Agribusiness and Marketing Assistance Division (AMAD)0917-422-2537
DA-Regional Field Office XI (DA-RFO XI)Agribusiness and Marketing Assistance Division (AMAD)(082) 226-3625 local 3005
DA-Regional Field Office XII (DA-RFO XII)Regional Executive Director0915-298-8092Arlan M. Mangelen
Palay Seeds0999-367-4870
Animal Meat and Meat Products0998-968-9829
National Food Authority (NFA)0933-066-6872Nestor Rey Alcosera
Philippine Coconut Authority (PCA)(083) 553-2440Danilo Corpuz
Sugar Regulatory Administration (SRA)0998-845-3157Ireneo Nunez
Bureau of Animal Industry (BAI)0910-906-4255Dr. Castro Leo Ejercito
Bureau of Plant Industry (BPI)0917-714-1157Eduardo Cabradilla
Bureau of Fisheries and Aquatic Resources (BFAR)0917-862-7622Dir. Usop Pendaliday
National Dairy Authority (NDA)0921-780-9728Marlon Flores
DA-Regional Field Office XIII (DA-RFO XIII)Regional Technical Director for Research and Regulatory0920-219-5299RTD Nicandro M. Navia, Jr.
0921-640-1402Lynn A. Parenas
0920-470-0657OIC-Regional Techical Director Rebecca R. Atega

Matrix of Comments and Suggestions on the Proposed Department of Agriculture (DA) Memorandum Circular on Plant Breeding Innovations (PBIs)

The Department of Agriculture Technical Advisory Group on Modern Biotechnology and Related Innovations for Agriculture and Fisheries (TAG-MBI) hereby presents the matrix of response and actions taken in view of the comments and suggestions received during the conduct of virtual and written stakeholder consultations on September 23 and 30, 2021.

The matrix can be viewed and downloaded using this link:

Bidders’ Forum and Updates on DBM Circulars and GPPB Issuances related to Procurement

The Bidders’ Forum and Updates on DBM Circulars and GPPB Issuances related to Procurement aims to apprise the bidders of the latest Government Procurement Policy Board (GPPB) Issuances and Updates, to familiarize the bidders on the mandatory provisions and requirements of the new Bidding Documents, and to inform them on the basics of Penal, Civil, and Administrative Provisions under the 2016 Revised Implementing Rules and Regulations of RA No. 9184.