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DA expands SRP to include beef, vegetables

Author: DA Communications Group | 23 November 2020

The Department of Agriculture (DA) has issued new suggested retail prices (SRP) for more basic agriculture commodities following the Luzon-wide price freeze imposed recently as a result of the typhoons that devastated the country.

The new SRP — stated under DA Administrative Circular No. 16, signed by Agriculture Secretary William Dar on November 20, 2020 — is issued to manage prices amid tightened supply and in order “to not aggravate the current difficulties of the Filipino people, who are affected by the pandemic and the series of calamities.”

The circular covers 14 prime commodities, namely beef, lowland vegetables and highland vegetable products.

The specific products and their respective prices per kilogram are:

Beef rump – P380;
Beef brisket – P300;
Ampalaya – P80;
Sitaw – P80;
Pechay (native) – P80;
Squash – P30;
Eggplant – P60;
Tomato – P100;
Cabbage (Scorpio) – P60;
Carrots – P80;
Habitchuelas (Baguio beans) – P100;
White potato – P70;
Pechay (Baguio) – P60; and
Chayote – P30

The circular takes effect immediately after its publication and/or posting in the DA’s official website. The SRP remains in effect until 60 days from publication and/or posting unless revoked and/or lifted or another circular is issued to the same effect. ### (DA StratComms)

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