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Bayanihan Agri-Clusters (BACs)

Author: DA-Admin | 25 September 2016

Farm clustering and consolidation, which will be known as “Bayanihan Agri Clusters” (BAC), involves the integration of government interventions—such as provision of loans, farm mechanization, free seeds and fertilizers, and market support—to organized farmer/fisher groups. It aims to empower stakeholders to reduce production costs, gain more benefits from the agriculture value chain, and direct interventions to achieve economies of scale.

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Bidders' Forum

This event aims to apprise the Bidders on the Standard Bidding Procedures of the Department of Agriculture - Office of the Secretary and the introduction of Green Procurement conditions in the procurement of Lease of Venue, Catering of Food Provision and I.T. Equipment.

As such, we highly encourage you to join and participate in this meaningful event as we have allotted two (2) slots per company on a "First come, First Served" basis. This activity will be held in Region IV-A, exact location to be announced.

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