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BAPTC Visit (June 20, 2020)

Author: DA Communications Group | 20 June 2020

Agriculture Secretary William Dar has directed the management of the Benguet Agri Pinoy Trading Center (BAPTC) in La Trinidad to serve as the “buyer of last resort” for vegetables, fruits, and other agricultural produce delivered to the Center by farmers.

With this new instruction, the BAPTC is now mandated to buy unbought veggies directly from farmers to ensure that all products delivered to the trading posts are sold, thus preventing wastage, and more importantly, farmers earn reasonable profit from their hard work.

The Department of Agriculture Regional Field Office in Cordillera has been monitoring the local trading posts for the past three months to guarantee the unimpeded flow and movement of fresh farm produce.

“Once they see that no one’s buying from the trading posts, they facilitate the movement and look for other buyers,” the DA chief said.

“Ngayon BAPTC na ang bibili pag wala nang ibang buyer para walang masasayang,” he added.

Cordillera produces 80% of the national supply of highland vegetables coming from different provinces. (Photos by Alan Jay Jacalan)