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Ceremonial Stocking of Developed Adaptable Red (DAR) Tilapia (Mar. 25, 2022)

Author: DA Communications Group | 25 March 2022

Department of Agriculture (DA) Secretary William Dar joined the Bureau of Fisheries and Aquatic Resources – National Freshwater Fisheries Technology Center (BFAR-NFFTC) in the ceremonial stocking of the first generation Developed Adaptable Red (DAR) tilapia on March 25, 2022.

The NFFTC initiated the breeding of DAR tilapia in 2018, using founders stock from the BFAR’s 2016 strain, BFAR Region IV’s Laguna strain, Central Luzon State University – Freshwater Aquaculture Center strain, and Davao strain.

Red tilapia, which was introduced to the country from Singapore in 1978, are genetic mutants selected from tilapia species in the genus Oreochromis.

The strain of DAR tilapia is euryhaline, which means it can thrive in a wide range of salinity (freshwater, brackishwater, and marine). It has 30 percent better growth and 40 percent better survival compared to its parent red tilapia. It also has a high market value in comparison to the gray tilapia. It presented suitability for polyculture with shrimps.

The breed also showed its potential in serving as biological control for Vibrio spp., a natural microbiota of aquatic environments and seafood responsible for human diseases.

Secretary Dar also toured the NFFTC facilities, which featured various research on breeding and producing climbing perch, mudfish, and tilapia.

The studies were done in collaboration with the DA-Bureau of Agricultural Research, DA – National Fisheries Research and Development Institute, DA-Fisheries Biotechnology Center, and Mindanao State University – Naawan Campus.

Joining the secretary during the ceremonial event were DA Undersecretary for Agri-Industrialization and for Fisheries Cheryl Marie Natividad-Caballero, DA Asst. Secretary and Spokesperson Noel Reyes, NFRDI Executive Director Lilian Garcia, NFFTC Chief Joedecel Danting, and FBC Chief Mudjekeewis Santos. (Photo by Gian Carlo Luague, DA-AFID)