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Courtesy call of Chilean Ambassador to the Philippines (Mar. 26, 2021)

Author: DA Communications Group | 26 March 2021

The Philippines-Chile agricultural technology and scientific cooperation and trade and market access concerns were discussed during the virtual courtesy call of Chilean Ambassador to the Philippines Claudio Rojas to Agriculture Secretary William Dar on March 26, 2021.

Secretary Dar first congratulated Ambassador Rojas on the 75th Anniversary of the Establishment of Diplomatic Relations between the Philippines and Chile that will be celebrated this year.

He updated the Ambassador about the ongoing coordination of the Philippine Agriculture Attaché with the Chile Ministry of Agriculture to finalize the two countries’ Memorandum of Understanding (MOU) on Agriculture Cooperation.

The Secretary also expressed appreciation for the initiative of SERNAPESCA (Chile’s National Fisheries and Aquaculture Service) in proposing a separate MOU with the Bureau of Fisheries and Aquatic Resources (BFAR). He said that the separate MOU is in the works and will be submitted to the Department of Foreign Affairs.

Moreover, Secretary Dar provided updates on Chile’s market access request for blueberry and dried and unshelled oats.

Ambassador Rojas mentioned the Philippines-Chile Joint Economic Commission meeting that will be held on March 30, 2021, wherein trade and investment agreements will be discussed further. He also said that Chile is open to having Philippine tropical fruits and the exchange of products should be a two-way relationship. (Photo by Alan Jay Jacalan, DA-AFID)

Matrix of Comments and Suggestions on the Proposed Department of Agriculture (DA) Memorandum Circular on Plant Breeding Innovations (PBIs)

The Department of Agriculture Technical Advisory Group on Modern Biotechnology and Related Innovations for Agriculture and Fisheries (TAG-MBI) hereby presents the matrix of response and actions taken in view of the comments and suggestions received during the conduct of virtual and written stakeholder consultations on September 23 and 30, 2021.

The matrix can be viewed and downloaded using this link:

Bidders’ Forum and Updates on DBM Circulars and GPPB Issuances related to Procurement

The Bidders’ Forum and Updates on DBM Circulars and GPPB Issuances related to Procurement aims to apprise the bidders of the latest Government Procurement Policy Board (GPPB) Issuances and Updates, to familiarize the bidders on the mandatory provisions and requirements of the new Bidding Documents, and to inform them on the basics of Penal, Civil, and Administrative Provisions under the 2016 Revised Implementing Rules and Regulations of RA No. 9184.