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Courtesy call of New Zealand Ambassador to the Philippines (Mar. 8, 2021)

Author: DA Communications Group | 8 March 2021

On March 8, 2021, Agriculture Secretary William Dar and New Zealand Ambassador to the Philippines Peter Kell met online and discussed the countries’ diplomatic relations and agricultural collaborations.

“We know that we have this strong relationship particularly in agricultural trade and hoping that we can also in the process identify newer products that can come from the Philippines to be exported to New Zealand,” Secretary Dar said.

They also discussed the mango project in Mindanao that aims at improving the quality of the mango products for export.

“I hope we can advance our mango project so that technical issues are handled properly, and we can really enhance the export of our best mangoes to New Zealand,” the secretary said.

He added that the Philippines is trying to reinvigorate its dairy industry and hoped that New Zealand, having the expertise in dairy production, would have a technical assistance project focusing on dairy research.

Ambassador Kell agreed that the Philippines and New Zealand will continue exploring opportunities that will strengthen the countries’ relationship. He also shared that they will be coordinating with the Department of Agriculture for their projects involving farming communities in the Philippines. (Photo by Alarico Nuestro)