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Courtesy Call of New Zealand Ambassador to the Philippines

Author: DA Communications Group | 4 September 2019

Agriculture Secretary William D. Dar on September 3, 2019, discussed with New Zealand (NZ) Ambassador to the Philippines David Strachan on the issue of market access of NZ onions to the country. Onion is an important horticultural export of New Zealand, next to kiwifruit and apples. It has expressed a strong interest in exporting their onions to the Philippines.

During the meeting, Dar recognized the assistance that NZ has been providing particularly its huge contribution in the dairy industry. However, he said that there are measures that need to be considered in such a way that the local onion industry will not suffer.

Other issues discussed during the meeting included the mango project in Mindanao that focuses on the development of Quality Assurance System for fresh mangoes; and the Department of Agriculture’s representation in the coming Global Research Alliance Council Meeting to which the Philippines is a member country. (Photos by Alan Jay Jacalan, AFID)