Beyond Buzzwords: Transforming Philippine Agriculture!

DA-NIA Meeting (May 13, 2022)

Author: DA Communications Group | 14 May 2022

With the National Irrigation Administration (NIA) now under the Department of Agriculture (DA), Secretary William D. Dar welcomed and expressed full support to the synergy to speed up national irrigation and boost agri-fishery production.

During the DA-NIA meeting on May 13, 2022, Secretary stressed that all programs and strategies must be synchronized, and must address long-standing risks from natural calamities such as droughts and typhoons.

Secretary Dar also asked the agency to strengthen its management of communal irrigation systems by the irrigators’ associations with active engagement of local government units.

He also directed NIA to sustain its early planting initiative, promote synchronized planting, accelerate the development of the national irrigation system including drainage, and retrofit existing NIA-managed dams to include cascading dams for flood control, agri-fishery production, and tourism.