Beyond Buzzwords: Transforming Philippine Agriculture!

Day 2 of BioAg Asia 2022 (April 21, 2022)

Author: DA Communications Group | 21 April 2022

Stressing the important role of all stakeholders in feeding the world while protecting the environment, Philippine Agriculture Secretary William Dar chaired the discussion on “Bio Agriculture – Global Perspectives and Asian Markets” during the second day of the BioAg Asia 2022  held in New Delhi, India on April 21, 2022.

According to Secretary Dar, good science gives good products, particularly in the field of biologics. He also underscored the value of consistency in the products, which means it must present efficiency in field trials and actual use.

“The best evaluators are the farmers. Hence, if the product does not work on their farms, they will not buy again,” he said.

The secretary added the need for natural products to ensure that food is safer, more nutritious, and will give more sustenance. (Photo by Adora Rodriguez, DA-AFID)