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Distribution of RFFA in Central Luzon

Author: DA Communications Group | 4 February 2020

A total of P575 million (M) in funds will be distributed to 115,000 rice farmers of Central Luzon as part of the Rice Farmers Financial Assistance (RFFA) program of the Department of Agriculture on February 3, 2020.

Agriculture Secretary William D. Dar handed over cash cards from the Landbank of the Philippines (LBP) and notices of cash grant from the Development Bank of the Philippines (DBP) during the program’s launch held at the Dinalupihan Civic Center in Bataan.

Under RFFA, Bataan and Pampanga rice farmers can claim their P5,000 cash assistance through Landbank, while Tarlac and Zambales beneficiaries can claim at M’ Lluillhier Kwarta Padala, the partner lending facility of DBP.