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Launching of DA-BAR-BFAR-NSCC Projects in Caoayan, Ilocos Sur

Author: DA Communications Group | 27 September 2019

Cooperative-members of the Nueva Segovia Consortium of Cooperatives NSCC, based in Ilocos Sur, received agricultural assistance from the Department of Agriculture amounting to P36.5 million during simple ceremonies on September 26, 2019.

The interventions composed of high-powered machineries and equipment will be used in engaging rice farmers in a full value-chain approach, enabling them to participate in more farm activities aside from production.

Among the machineries turned over were a mobile recirculating dryer, compact ricemill, four-wheel drive tractor (with levee maker), combine harvester (with baler), riding transplanter, a hauling truck and an organic waste converter facility. (Photos by Rita dela Cruz)