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Launching of Fall Armyworm Management

Author: DA-AFID | 27 August 2019

Agriculture Secretary William D. Dar kicks off theFall Army Worm (FAW) Management Farmers’ Field Training spearheaded by the Department of Agriculture in Region 2 (DA-2) on August 20, 2019. Senior Science and Research Specialist Minda Flor Aquino explained to the Secretary the recommended management strategies of the region that successfully managed, contained and controlled the infestation. These include cultural management systems like ploughing corn stubbles after harvest, strictly follow synchronous planting, weed management (sanitation), and hand picking. DA-2 also proposed planting of resistant variety “stacked traits” and use of biocontrol agents such as Trichogramma chilonis for eggs or during pupa stage, Euborellia sp. for earwigs, and spraying of Metarhizium during larva stage. ###