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PCA Coconut Bazaar 2020

Author: DA Communications Group | 14 February 2020

Agriculture Secretary William D. Dar, guest speaker during the opening program of the Coconut Bazaar 2020 on February 13 at the Philippine Coconut Authority (PCA) compound, called for a ‘one whole nation approach’ in building up the local coconut industry.

According to Dar, the approach, which should be adapted for both raw and value-added products, will enable coco farmers to double their production and income.

He also announced that the President and members of the cabinet have approved the measures that he presented to upgrade the current level of the Philippine coconut sector. Among them is increasing the percentage of coco methyl esther blend (CME) in biodiesel, to directly address the falling prices of copra.

As part of the industrialization and inclusive agribusiness strategy of the Department of Agriculture under the “new thinking approach,” Dar is also banking on value-adding and processing to maximize the potential of coconut.

Aside from this, he urged for the continuous improvement of productivity and the development of more local and global markets for coconut. ### (Photos by Gian Carlo Luague, DA-AFID)