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Prasad Tour (April 23, 2022)

Author: DA Communications Group | 23 April 2022

Agriculture Secretary William Dar and members of the Department of Agriculture (DA) delegation visited Prasad Seeds Private Limited (PSSL) in Telangana, India on Saturday, April 23, 2022.

During the visit, PSSL President Karumanchi Prasad presented to the team the current projects and innovations of the seed company and future endeavors it will be undertaking.

Aside from seed production, Prasad is into processing and value-adding of various agricultural commodities like carrots, okra, pineapple,  and mangoes among others.

The Prasad group, led by its President Prasad, expressed intentions of bringing its new systems and technologies to the Philippines to aid and support Filipino farmers and local agribusinesses. Prasad is a global seed producer and processor outfit which currently holds a base in Pangasinan, for high-quality corn seeds.

During the meeting, Dar congratulated the Indian company for pursuing innovative actions through the years and suggested to include smart technology and precision farming in their expansion program, and upscale even further its drive for an efficient food value chain system by establishing more cold storage and warehouse facilities in their bases.

The secretary also instructed Planters Products Incorporated President Mat Maderazo to discuss a possible marketing partnership with PSSL, to expand the company’s presence in the Philippines thereby creating more job opportunities and securing improved production in agriculture. (Photo by Adora Rodriguez, DA-AFID)