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Visit to Subic Bunkers Ecotourism Project (Dec. 4, 2020)

Author: DA Communications Group | 4 December 2020
Agriculture Secretary visited the proposed site for the Subic Bunkers Ecotourism Project on December 4, 2020.
The project was a collaborative initiative of the Department of Agriculture, Kanawan Magbukon Aeta community through Magbukon Agro Ventures, Inc., Subic Bay Metropolitan Area (SBMA), and other private companies such as Go Negosyo Mentor Me project, Planters Products Inc, among others.
Mr. Michael Caballes, owner of Bukid Amara Flower farm in Lucban, Quezon, and part of the Go Negosyo Mentor Me project, presented the proposed plan for the development of an ecotourism park.
The project aims to utilize SBMA bunkers located at Ilanin Forest and convert them into productive agribusiness ventures. It will be converted to two main zones: Agri Processing Hub and Agri Eco-Tourism Hub.
Under the proposal, six identified bunkers will be developed as an agricultural zone with various agribusiness activities promoting modern and smart agriculture infused with Kanawan Magbukon culture.
Caballes said the project will undergo four phases: 1) establishment of ecotourism attraction such as bloom fields and sunflower maze; 2) innovation of smart farming and precision agriculture; 3) establishment of Dampa Outdoor Area, Events Area, Food Hub; and
4) bringing in the culture of Kanawan tribe through the establishment of an Outdoor Exhibit Area.
The proponents also said that apart from bringing in the produce of Kanawan, they also plan to employ them. (Photos by Gian Carlo Luague, DA-AFID)

Matrix of Comments and Suggestions on the Proposed Department of Agriculture (DA) Memorandum Circular on Plant Breeding Innovations (PBIs)

The Department of Agriculture Technical Advisory Group on Modern Biotechnology and Related Innovations for Agriculture and Fisheries (TAG-MBI) hereby presents the matrix of response and actions taken in view of the comments and suggestions received during the conduct of virtual and written stakeholder consultations on September 23 and 30, 2021.

The matrix can be viewed and downloaded using this link:

Bidders’ Forum and Updates on DBM Circulars and GPPB Issuances related to Procurement

The Bidders’ Forum and Updates on DBM Circulars and GPPB Issuances related to Procurement aims to apprise the bidders of the latest Government Procurement Policy Board (GPPB) Issuances and Updates, to familiarize the bidders on the mandatory provisions and requirements of the new Bidding Documents, and to inform them on the basics of Penal, Civil, and Administrative Provisions under the 2016 Revised Implementing Rules and Regulations of RA No. 9184.