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Foreign-Assisted Projects (as of December 2020)

1.DA - Integrated Natural Resource Management Project (INREMP)DA-CARCAR2018-2021ADB250,260.00
2. Intensified Community-Based Dairy Enterprise Development ProjectNDANationwide2019-2026US PL4801,967,000.00
3.Profiling of Economically Important Diseases of Swine and Cattle in the Management, Surveillance and ControlUPLB-CVMNationwide2015-2021US PL480177,559.32
4.Scaling Up of the Second Cordillera Highland Agricultural Resource Management Project (CHARMP2 Scale Up)DA-CARCAROriginal: 2018-2020
*Implementation period extended until June 31, 2021
*Loan validity extended until December 31, 2021
5.Strengthening the Rice Biotechnology Center at PhilricePhilRiceNationwide2017-2020
*extended until March 2021
US PL480302,252.98
6.Policy-Based Lending: Competitive and Inclusive Agriculture DevelopmentDOF, DA, DAR, DENR and DSWDNationwideSubprogram 1: May 2018 - April 2020
Subprogram 2: May 2020 - April 2022
1. A Rural Development Project for MIC Zone in the Philippines (RDP-MIC)DA RFO XREGION X2015-2020MAFRA, KRCC115,284.82
2.Dynamic Conservation and Sustainable Use of Agro-Biodiversity in Traditional Agro-Ecosystem of the Philippines (Agro-Biodiversity Project)BARCAR, REGION XII2016-2020FAO-GEF109,720.86
3.Enhancement of the Biosafety and Biosecurity Capabilities at the Department of Agriculture Veterinary Diagnostic Laboratories (BSS)BAFSNCR, Regions II, III, VII, X, XI and XII2015-2020USDTRA230,400.00
4.Enhancing Productivity and Producing High-Quality Tomato Through Smart Greenhouse in the Philippines (SGPP)BPI and DA-RFO IVACAR, Region IV-A2018-2021KOICA122,290.00
5.Establishment of Smart Greenhouse and Capacity Building in the Philippines ProjectDA-RFO VI and DA-RFO XRegions VI and XDec 2020 - Dec 2023MAFRA186,040.80
6.Establishment and Operation of a Regional System of Fisheries Refugia in the South China Sea and the Gulf of ThailandBFARRegion I, III, IV-B2017-2020Global Environment Facility (GEF)12,500.00
7.Global Sustainable Supply Chains for Marine Commodities (Philippines)BFARNationwide2016-2020Global Environment Facility (GEF)25,298.30
8.Increase of Philippine Farmers’ Income Through Annual Production of VegetablesBPIRegion III, IV-A and VII2018-2020KOPIA5,000.00
9.Mungbean Technology Demostration and Adaptability Test to Increase Farmer's Productivity Using Identified Management Strategies BPIRegion II, III, and IV-A2019-2021KOPIA5,000.00
10.National Food Consumption Quantification Study (NFCQS) (TCP/PHI/3601)DA-PMSNationwide2018-2020FAO15,000.00
11.Philippine-Sino Center for Agricultural Technology - Technical Cooperation Program Phase III (PhilSCAT III)PhilSCAT PMORegions I, III, IV-B and XI2018-2021Ministry of Commerce, PROC303,222.11
12.Rehabilitation and Modernization of Livestock "Oksyon" Markets (LOM) in the PhilippinesDA-AMASRegions IV-A, V, VI, VII and XI2011-20202KR33,908.00
13.Year Round Garlic Production and Technology Demostration to Increase Farmer's Productivity BPIRegion IV-A2019-2021KOPIA5,000.00
14.Support to Agriculture-Based Livelihoods and Enterprises for Sustainable Peace and Development in Maguindanao and Cotabato (OSRO/PHI/802/NZE)DA-RFO XIIMaguindanao and CotabatoDec 2019 - May 2021FAO-New Zealand134,000.00
15.Support to Agriculture and Agribusiness Enterprises Mindanao for Sustainable Development ((GCP/PHI/069/ROK))DA-RFO XIIMaguindanao and CotabatoJanuary 2019 - December 2021FAO-KOICA269,360.00
16.Development of Halal Livestock Production Systems in Mindanao, Philippines (TCP/PHI/3702)DARegion X and BARMMAugust 2020 - December 2021FAO9,398.00
17.FishRight ProgramBFARCalamianes Island Group, Visayan Sea, and South NegrosApril 2018 - March 2023USAID1,247,435.80
1.Fisheries, Coastal Resources and Livelihood Project (FishCORAL)BFARRegions V, VIII, XIII and ARMM"Original: 2016-2020
*Loan physical implementation period:December 31, 2020 to December 31, 2021; Loan validity period: June 30, 2021 to June 30, 2022;
*Grant physical completion: April 29, 2021 to April 29, 2022; Grant validity period: October 29, 2021 to October 29, 2022
2.Philippine Rural Development Project (PRDP)
- Original
DANationwideOriginal: 2014-2020 - With 2 years extension of implementation until Dec. 31, 2022 and Loan closing date until May 2023.World Bank/ 24,129,347.76
- Expansion (Additional Financing 1)DANationwideOriginal: 2014-2020 - With 2 years extension of implementation until Dec. 31, 2022 and Loan closing date until May 2023.GEF 9,021,000.00