Masaganang Agrikultura, Maunlad na Ekonomiya!

Locally-Funded Projects (as of December 2020)

1.Integrated Marine Environment Monitoring System (IMEMS) Phase 2 DA-BFARNationwide2018-2021GoP2,097,819.09
2.SOCSKSARGEN Integrated Food Security Program (SOCSKSARGEN-IFSP) DA RFO XIIRegion XII 2011-2016 (extended from 2017-2022) GoP174,807.00
3.Special Area for Agricultural Development (SAAD) DA and BFARNationwide2016-2022GoP1,442,536.00
4.Rice Competitiveness Enhancement Program DA FOSNationwide2019-2024GoP15,000,000.00
5.Nationwide Fish Ports Project Package III DA PFDARegions III, IV-A, V, VI, XI 2018-2022GoP3,059,235.00
6.Regional Fish Port Project for the Greater Capital Region (Formerly the Upgrading / Rehabilitation of the Navotas Fish Port Complex) DA PFDANCR2019-2023GoP14,065.18
7.Rehabilitation /Improvement of the Zamboanga Fish Port Complex DA PFDARegion IX2019-2021GoP1,159,111.11
8.Young Farmers’ Program DA ATINationwide2020GoP50,000.00
9.Construction of Agdao Farmers Market DA RFO XIRegion XI2018-2020GoP800,000.00
10.National Food Security Awards DA Rice ProgramNationwide2020GoP30,000.00
11.Implementation of the KADIWA ni ANI at KITA Program DA AMASNationwide2020GoP100,000.00
12.Establishment of Sagip-Saka Coordination Center -- Project was discontinued as per AMAS DA AMASNationwide2020GoP5,000.00
13.Youth Farmers Challenge Fund DA ATINationwide2020GoP100,000.00
14.Expansion of the Corn-Based Farmer-Scientist RDE Training DA ATINationwide2020GoP14,000.00
15.Establishment of Province Wide Carabao Based Business Improvement Network PCCCAR, Regions 1, 2, 3, 4A, 5, 6, 7, and 10 2020GoP110,000.00
16.Establishment of Carabao Industry Hub PCCRegions 2, 3 and 7 2020GoP30,000.00
17.Fishing Gears / Paraphernalia Distribution DA BFARNationwide2020GoP34,000.00
18.Extension Support, Education and Training Services DA BFARNationwide2020GoP4,000.00
19.Financial Subsidy to Rice Farmers DA FOSNationwide2020GoP3,000,000.00
20.Inclusive Agribusiness Program and Agri-preneurship Program DA AMASNationwide2020GoP1,447,654.00
21.Rainwater Harvesting System / Small Water Irrigation System DA BSWMNationwide2020GoP250,000.00
22.National Soil Health Program DA BSWMNationwide2020GoP641,180.00
23.Provincial Agriculture and Fisheries Extension Systems DA ATINationwide2020GoP100,000.00
24.Livestock Extension Program DA NLPNationwide2020GoP65,197.00
25.Updating of the Registry System of Basic Sectors in Agriculture through the National Farmers and Fisherfolk Information System DA FPOPDNationwide2020GoP375,727.00
26.Facilities for the First Border Inspection in the Five Major International Ports (Manila, Bataan, Batangas, Cebu and Davao) DA BAINCR2020GoP521,574.00
27.Sustainable Agriculture and Improves Farming Systems in Upland Communities for Indigenous People, Kabuhayan, Kaunlaran ng Kababayang Katutubo (4Ks) Project 4Ks PMONationwide2020-2022GoP225,390.00
28.Capacitating Municipal Fishers DA BFARNationwide2020GoP212,944.00
29.Agripreneurship Development Fund (Venture Capital)DA ACPCNationwide2020GoP 257,988.00