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Showcasing the Agri-Food Products of the Philippines in the United Arab Emirates: Agra Middle East 2023

Author: DA-AFID | 13 October 2023

As part of its continuous effort to promote the agri-food products of the Philippines in the international arena, the DA, through the Agribusiness and Marketing Assistance Service (AMAS), participated in one of the largest agricultural trade shows in the Middle East, the Agra ME 2023, which happened on October 9–10, 2023, at the World Trade Center in Dubai.

The primary objective of participation in AgraME 2023 is to provide valuable market linkages to DA-assisted young farmers and MSMEs, which can assist in increasing their sales and international market presence.

In addition, the said exhibition was also strategic, as based on recent data from Key Global Statistics (UAE) (2023), Filipinos have a significant presence in the UAE, and therefore there is an increase in demand for PH food products. It accounted for almost 6.1% of the UAE’s total population, which is approximately 700,000 individuals. Among them, around 450,000 Filipinos reside in Dubai alone, representing roughly 21.3% of the emirate’s total population.

The Ambassador of the Republic of the Philippines to the UAE, Alfonso Ferdinand A. Ver, and Consul General, Renato Duenas Jr. visited the DA pavilion.

“We are glad that after so many years, we got the opportunity to showcase the Philippine agri-products here in Agra ME in the UAE, as there are many Filipinos’ staying here,” Ambassador Ver said.

As the only pavilion that offers food products during Agra ME 2023, the DA showcased fresh fruits (mango, pineapple, and banana), processed food products (fruit juices and jams, vanilla, banana chips, and dried seafood), and coco coir.

The opening of Agra ME 2023 was also attended by His Excellency Ali Al Jassim, Chairman of Emirates Green Building Council.

Aside from the exposition, the AMAS, in coordination with the Office of the Philippine Agricultural Attache for the Middle East, Africa, and India, conducted business-to-business meetings, market assessments with selected grocery stores, and meetings with the Dubai Municipality to enlighten the DA-assisted exhibitors on the export requirements in the UAE. ###

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