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Statement of Secretary William Dar on COA findings

Author: DA Communications Group | 19 August 2021

We wish to note that our initial reply to the COA findings was already incorporated in the Consolidated Annual Audit Report or CAAR. 

We hope that the detractors cite also our initial reply to balance the COA findings. 

Further, the COA has given the DA sixty (60) days from receipt of CAAR, within which to give updates on the findings. 

As per DA Undersecretary for Administration and Finance Roldan Gorgonio, we received the COA report on July 2, 2021. Therefore, we still have until September 2, 2021, to satisfy the COA’s observations through our categorical replies. 

Since July, we have been consolidating the respective reports from our concerned DA offices and operating units, and we will submit them promptly to COA, on or before September 2. 

We assure our clientele — farmers, fishers, livestock raisers, and agri-fishery industry stakeholders — and partners from the private sector, local government units, and international funding institutions, and the general public that we, at the “OneDA Family,” do not and will not tolerate corruption, as we try to comply with all government accounting and auditing procedures and requirements, and continuously pursue aboveboard our planned programs and initiatives to increase the productivity and incomes of farmers and fisherfolk, and attain a food-secure and resilient Philippines. 

Again, we assure our countrymen that since we assumed office in August 2019, we have not committed any irregularities at the “OneDA Family” as we continue to strongly implement a “No to Corruption” policy!  ###

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