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Department Circulars

DC No. 06Guidelines and Procedure in the Application, Processing and Issuance of Organic Input Importation and Exportation Permits through the, further Supplementing for this Purpose the Department Circulars (DC) No. 04 and 05, series of 2020 and DC No. 01, series of 202103 November 2021
DC No. 05Supplementary Guidelines on the Implementation of the Constructors' Performance Evaluation System CPES) at the Department of Agriculture (DA) under the New Normal03 November 2021
DC No. 03Amending Section 32.1, 32.6, 32.7, 35.1 and 39.b of the Department Circular No. 6, Series of 2020 re: Rules and Regulations Governing the Importation and Exportation of Plant Food27 August 2021
DC No. 10Payment of Rendered Overtime Services of Meat Plant Officers of the National Meat Inspection Service (NMIS)29 June 2020
DC No. 03Updated Implementing Rules and Regulations of Presidential Decree No. 1435 re: Authorizing the Bureau of Soils to Supervise, Regulate, and Control the Establishment and Operations of All Soil Laboratories in the Philippines29 March 2019
DC No. 18Philippines List of Regulated Plant Pests12 November 2018
DC No. 16Revised Rules and Procedures on the Provision of Certification Assistance for Organic Agriculture Entities15 October 2018
DC No. 15Amending the Buying and Selling Prices of Inbred Rice Seeds18 September 2018
DC No. 14Revised Guidelines for the Establishment, Operation and Monitoring of Organic Demonstration and Training Farms14 June 2018
DC No. 11Transition Period for the Registration of Establishments of Primary and Postharvest Organic Food and Non-Food Products21 February 2018
DC No. 10Amendment to Department Circular No. 5 series of 2017 - National Guidelines on Testing and Evaluation of Agricultural and Fisheries Machinery05 March 2018
DC No. 01Revised Guidelines for the Official Accreditation of Organic Certifying Bodies (OCB)17 January 2018
DC No. 05National Guidelines on Testing and Evaluation of Agricultural and Fisheries Machinery16 May 2017
DC No. 04Accreditation Guidelines for Agricultural and Fisheries Machinery Testing Center16 May 2017
DC No. 04Guidelines on the Importation of Plants, Planting Materials, and Plant Products for Commercial Purposes09 June 2016
DC No. 01General Guidelines for the Accreditation of Abaca Plant (Musa textilis Nee) Nurseries (AAPN)04 January 2016
DC No. 09Procedures for the Hygienic Handling Practices and Use of Mechanically Separated Meat (MSM)30 October 2015
DC No. 06Revised Guidelines for the Official Accreditation of Organic Certifying Bodies (OCB)08 July 2015
DC No. 05Revised Rules and Regulations on the Registration of Organic Fertilizer Producers08 July 2015
DC No. 04Revised Guidelines on the Provision of Certification Subsidy Incentive for Organic Agriculture Entities / Farmers and Organic Input Producers17 June 2015
DC No. 03Rules and Regulations on the Registration of Primary and Postharvest Organic Food and Non-Food Products16 June 2015
DC No. 02Guidelines for the Conduct of Validation Process for the Registration of Organic Primary and Postharvest Food, Non-Food and Input Producers17 June 2015



Bidders' Forum

This event aims to apprise the Bidders on the Standard Bidding Procedures of the Department of Agriculture - Office of the Secretary and the introduction of Green Procurement conditions in the procurement of Lease of Venue, Catering of Food Provision and I.T. Equipment.

As such, we highly encourage you to join and participate in this meaningful event as we have allotted two (2) slots per company on a "First come, First Served" basis. This activity will be held in Region IV-A, exact location to be announced.

Registration Link: