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Special Orders

SO No. 70Designation of DA Balik Probinsya , Bagong Pag-asa (BP2) Program Team Focals20 January 2021
SO No. 69Creation and Composition of an Adhoc Social Media Unit Under the Office of the Secretary20 January 2021
SO No. 57Designation of Mr. Roberto F. Bulaong Jr., and Ms. Neoma Loirynda S. Dy as Acting Administrative Officer V of the Management Division18 January 2021
SO No. 54Designation of Ms. Susan L. del Rosario as Special Disbursing Officer During the Year-end Financial Evaluation and Assessment for FY 2020 in Quezon City on February 2-4, 202118 January 2021
SO No. 50Designation of Officer-in-Charge/Chief of the Market Development Division (MDD), Agribusiness and Marketing Assistance (AMAS)18 January 2021
SO No. 49Designation of Mark Nicky S. Larga as Officer-in-Charge (OIC), Region IV, Fertilizer and Pesticide Authority (FPA)15 January 2021
SO No. 48Designation of Deputy Executive Directors, Philippine Carabao Center15 January 2021
SO No. 47Designation of Deputy Executive Directors, National Meat Inspection Service15 January 2021
SO No. 46Designation of Dr. Samuel B. Animas as Officer-in-Charge, Assistant Director for Regulations and Disease Control, Bureau of Animal Industry (OIC-Asst. Dir. for Regulations and Disease Control, BAI)15 January 2021
SO No. 45Designation of Officer-in-Charge, Assistant Directors, Bureau of Animal Industry (OIC-Asst. Directors, BAI)15 January 2021
SO No. 44Designation of Assistant Secretary Lerey A. Panes as Assistant Secretary for Special Concerns15 January 2021
SO No. 43Restructuring of the HALAL Food Industry Development Program15 January 2021
SO No. 37Amendment to Special Order No. 818, Series of 2020, "Creation of a Prorgram Management Office for the Bayanihan to Recover as One Act"15 January 2021
SO No. 35 Reconstitution of the Office of the D.A. Spokesperson and Assistant Secretary for Strategic Communications14 January 2021
SO No. 31Designation of Dr. Jocelyn A. Salvador as Officer-in-Charge, Executive Director, National Meat Inspection Service (OIC-Exec. Dir., NMIS)13 January 2021
SO No. 30Designation of Executive Director Reildren G. Morales as Officer-in-Charge, Director, Bureau of Animal Industry (OIC-Dir., BAI)13 January 2021
SO No. 29Designation of Director Ronnie D. Domingo as Officer-in-Charge, Executive Director, Philippine Carabao Center (OIC-Exec. Dir., PCC)13 January 2021
SO No. 28Designation of Dr. Arthur D. Dayrit as Officer-in-Charge, Regional Technical Director for Research and Regulations, DA-Regional Field Office III (OIC, RTD for Research and Regulations, DA-RFO III)11 January 2021
SO No. 27Designation of Dr. Eduardo L. Lapuz as Officer-in-Charge, Regional Technical Director for Operations, DA-Regional Field Office III (OIC-RTD for Operations, DA-RFO III)11 January 2021
SO No. 25Designation of Dr. Leocadio S. Sebastian as Undersecretary Designate and Chief of Staff11 January 2021
SO No. 17Addendum to Special Order No. 562, Series of 2020, "Designation of Officers to the Committees, Teams, and the Officers Created under the Department of Agriculture Administrative Order No. 07, s. 2015, as Amended by the Department of Agriculture Administrative Order No. 10, s. 2020 (Rules and Regulation Implementing the Price Act in Relation to Agricultural Commodities)"07 January 2021
SO No. 13Designation of Engr. Pablo M. Montalla as Officer-in-Charge, Director of the Bureau of Soils and Water Management (BSWM)07 January 2021
SO No. 09Designation of Personnel for the National African Swine Fever Task Force and Cluster African Swine Fever Task Force06 January 2021
SO No. 05Designation of Ms. Vilma M. Dimaculangan as Officer-in-Charge, Project Director, PRDP PSO South Luzon04 January 2021
SO No. 01Designation of Dr. Santiago R. Obien as Senior Technical Adviser in the Operationalization of Province-Led Agriculture and Fisheries Extension System (PAFES) in Ilocos Norte04 January 2021